Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thank you for shopping at sarah.Kawaii \(n_~*)/

Heeya guys~

PRE ORDER FOR ALL BARBIE/I.Gorgeous/E.O.S/) has officially close!

I received so many late,orders..Yesterday..Lols..^^ hope to get all your lenses before raya!

For all my customers,purchasing beauty products,thank you very much,i hope you re happy with the pink wrapped bag i ve sent out a few days ago \(n_n*)/
and a special little thanksgiving card hehe..As a token of my appreciation to my lovely customers~

so sorry i cannot update much on new products,as i m having exams and all "== so i wont be around,much~ but a representative of sarah.Kawaii will take over for a while,

so as usual any orders you can email me :
*except for contact lens (haha..Give it a break:p)


untill then sweetcakes~
take care~,
sayonara (n_~*)/^

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