Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thank you for shopping at sarah.Kawaii \(n_~*)/

Heeya guys~

PRE ORDER FOR ALL BARBIE/I.Gorgeous/E.O.S/) has officially close!

I received so many late,orders..Yesterday..Lols..^^ hope to get all your lenses before raya!

For all my customers,purchasing beauty products,thank you very much,i hope you re happy with the pink wrapped bag i ve sent out a few days ago \(n_n*)/
and a special little thanksgiving card hehe..As a token of my appreciation to my lovely customers~

so sorry i cannot update much on new products,as i m having exams and all "== so i wont be around,much~ but a representative of sarah.Kawaii will take over for a while,

so as usual any orders you can email me :
*except for contact lens (haha..Give it a break:p)


untill then sweetcakes~
take care~,
sayonara (n_~*)/^

Friday, April 23, 2010

HEyy guys~~

just wanna make a really short notice for spammers out there spamming my Cbox,I dont want to describe my blog readers as "stalking" because without my good blog readers and customers, my blog is worth nothing.

sarah kawaii beauty blog is not about being "perfect" and this applies to me,(my images)I get the point if you are not happy with my appearances,but isnt it bad idea to make people upset and also this would upset my friends and family, to see irresponsible people dropping nasty comments,

if you guys, dont really appreciate my blog whether or not its one of my posts, or images that disturbs you, I suggest that you should stop visiting my blog,so that this can make everybody happy with each other without interrupting people's business =)

ps: THANKSS YOU GUYS FOR giving a full support for my blog, I appreciate it a lot, and be updated~~

oh yes, Batch 3 is closing down in a couple more days, so, do make your final orders,for barbie Contact lenses,and Candy barbie for bigger kawaii dolly eyes.



Sunday, March 14, 2010



Only SERIOUS & PATIENT buyers will be entertained.

. All pre-orders are expected to arrive in 3-4 weeks. Please DO NOT ORDER if you're not willing to wait as sometimes I cannot give nor guarantee specific dates of arrival due to unexpected delays/problems which may occur during the pre-order.

.NO CANCELLATION should be made once your orders have been approved through emails or SMS.

.Items can go out of stock anytime. Buyers will be informed for replacements if such incident occurs.

.FULL PAYMENTS are needed before your order can be proceed. NO PAYMENT = NO ORDER

.All personal information provided by buyers will be kept confidential.

.Payments methods will be inform after confirmation has been made .

.Should there be any enquiries, please do not hesitate to email me at :