Tuesday, April 10, 2012

pre-orders cute kawaii hoodies ! ^-^

heyya everyone,! ^^

you can already start earlier orders , as i already received so much earlier requests as they can get their item asap, and what are you waiting for ^^!

here s more new kawaii hoodies ! :

Japanese kawaii bunny jacket


bnd 60

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Japanese rabbit ears hoodie (ribbon not included)

BND 50

available in -





Photobucket Photobucket


- Only SERIOUS & PATIENT buyers will be entertained.

. All pre-orders are expected to arrive in 2-3 WEEKS (*OR LESSER THAN 3 WEEKS AFTER PRE-ORDER DATE!.

Please DO NOT ORDER if you're not willing to wait as sometimes I cannot give nor guarantee specific dates of arrival due to unexpected delays/problems which may occur during the pre-order

.NO CANCELLATION should be made once your orders have been approved through emails or SMS.

.Items can go out of stock anytime. Buyers will be informed for replacements if such incident occurs.

.FULL PAYMENTS are needed before your order can be proceed. NO PAYMENT = NO ORDER

.All personal information provided by buyers will be kept confidential.

.Payments methods will be inform after confirmation has been made .

*ACCEPT NEGOTIATION -upon meet, so email me your location, I ll tell you what to do ..;)

EMAIL ME: Sarah.kawaiionlineshop@live.com (customer support)

inbox me: on my facebook,
or just click my fan page at the side bar, i ll get back to you ! in 24 hours~!

will update more clothes, soon!